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                   Salute to Everybodies


Dear Fellow Submariners,

A year has passed after the 47. Congress in İsrail. Now we are in İstanbul for the new one. As you know İstanbul served to three Empires as a capital and also was the meeting place of three religions.That is why it has full of facinating historical, cultural and religious heritage. You will get tastes from all of them.
Welcome and thank you to all of you for coming to İstanbul for 48th Annual International Congress of Submariners. You should be sure that we, as a Turkish submariners are very happy and honored to have you here.
It is very important for me and I believe for all of you also, in these yearly meetings we should be as friendly and understantable as possible. We should show the tolerance to the host countries as much as possible and assist them to establish new friendship. Not to lost any. In these annual meeting, we gether togather to meet old friends as well as to meet new ones and establish friendship with them.
But on the other hand we also honour and remember all our fellow submariners from all over the world who lost their lives at war or in peace time.
By the way, I want to say that, the year of 2011 is the 125th Anniversary of the Turkish Submarine Service and hereby in this brochure we present you brief and commemorative history of our first submarine, designed by Mr. Garret, actually a priest from England, built and disassembled in England for the Swedish industrialist and arm dealer Thorsten Nordenfelt and reassembled by Taşkızak Naval Shipyard of Ottoman Empire, by the frond of the Otoman Sultan’s private account. That is why submarine, named Abdülhamid, achieved fame as the world’s first submarine to fire a torpedo underwater. You will sea the model of her at the cocktail hall of the Congress Hotel
We hope you will enjoy in İstanbul and you will go back with many outstanding memories. By the way we extend our senses of friendship and good wishes across the borders and oceans in the name of lasting peace and understandings.
We hope we will meet each other at the next Congress in Ukrania. Please take care of yourselves.
Best regards,
Çetinkaya APATAY
President of Turkish Submariners Association




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