" Nisan 2019 " TCG Muratreis'in 75. yıldönümü.
April 2019 marks USS Razorback (TCG Murat Reis) 75th Anniversary. The submarine flies the Turkish flag in Arkansas and is a great embodiment of the vital and long standing alliance between the United States and Turkey.
USS Razorback Submarine is one out of 22 transferred to Turkey during the Cold War and one of the longest-serving submarines still existing in the world. The submarine was used on active duty by the United States and Turkey for 57 years. From 1948 through 1983, the US loaned, leased or sold twenty three submarines to Turkey, the largest number to any single foreign navy.
When USS Razorback was transferred from America to the Turkish Navy, it was named TCG Murat Reis. In 2004, the Turkish Navy officially transferred Murat Reis to the “USS Razorback / TCG Murat Reis Association” which is now the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum. The submarine is one of 18 around the world which serve as a museum. Today, the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum sits directly across the Clinton Library and Presidential Center on the Arkansas River.
USS Razorback is the only museum ship in the US not owned by the United States Navy because it was transferred from Turkey. Today, the submarine honors the Turkish and American flag side by side. Arkansas’ State flag was adopted from a submarine called USS Arkansas so the fact a submarine is uniting both of our flags signifies the importance of the Turkish-American relationship.
The museum has kept all the Turkish memorabilia intact and has made renovations to keep the memory of its Turkish service alive. All of the labels inside the submarine are both English and Turkish.
Today, the museum educates youth in Arkansas about Turkey noting 
"Turkey and the United States have maintained a relationship for nearly one hundred years. Razorback serves not only as a symbol of that relationship but as a connection between the Turkish and American sailors who lived onboard".
Last year during my State Visit to Arkansas, I had the pleasure of meeting with the Executive Director Greg Zonner and revisiting Patrick Henry Hays who used to be the former Mayor of Little Rock. Mr. Hays has visited Turkey numerous times and has been an important figure in forging a close relationship between Turkey and the State of Arkansas.
Murat Reis was one of the most important admirals of the Ottoman Navy. Today, Turkey is building a new submarine called Murat Reis and its expected to be completed in 2021. However, the original submarine will always be a great embodiment of the legacy and dynamic spirit of Turkish-US relationship.
Happy Birthday to USS Razorback/TCG Murat Reis!
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